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  • What is the difference between a voltage amplifier and a charge amplifier?


    In practical application, both voltage amplifier​ and charge amplifier should be equipped with overload amplification protection circuit, otherwise, the output voltage will be too high when the sensor is overloaded.

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  • Application of Power Amplifier in PZT Directional Micro-Transducer Test


    ATA-4000 series power amplifiers have been widely recognized by the industry in testing and measurement experiments, especially in transducer driving, piezoelectric ceramic driving, PZT material directional micro-transducer testing, and mems testing.

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  • Application of Power Amplifier in Ultrasonic Power Measurement in HIFU Sound Field


    Power amplifiers are also widely used in MEMS testing, piezoelectric ceramic drives, transducer drives, non-destructive testing, particle sorting, ultrasonic testing, etc., to meet the needs of different researchers.

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  • Application of aigtek high voltage amplifier: Study on electrostatic levitation process of metal materials


    Aigtek high voltage amplifier is widely used in electrostatic levitation experiments. The maximum output voltage is 10kV, the maximum power is 10kW, the frequency is dc~25mhz, the voltage gain is numerically adjustable, and the digital monitor output voltage and current are displayed in real time.

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  • What are the classifications of current sources?


    Antai Electronics ATS-2000C series high-precision current source has a maximum output current of 3A, high-precision, high-stability current output, continuously adjustable, accuracy up to 5½ digits, minimum current resolution 20 pA, four-quadrant precision current source, high output accuracy, The LCD display on the operation panel is simple and easy to understand and easy to operate. It is widely used in chip and sensor testing, electronic testing and design verification instrument calibration.

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  • Application of high voltage amplifier in radio energy transmission


    Metal foreign matter intrusion into the radio energy transmission system will cause irreversible harm to the system, so metal foreign matter detection is an essential link in the design process of the radio energy transmission system. Aigtek high voltage amplifier is widely used in the experiment of metal foreign matter detection with radio energy transmission, which meets the requirements of different voltage and power excitation. High voltage amplifiers are also widely used in MEMS testing, piezoelectric ceramic driving, transducer driving, nondestructive testing, particle sorting, ultrasonic testing and so on.

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