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  • Introduction to the principle of a high-precision current source circuit


    The ATS-2000C series is a high-precision current source with a maximum output current of 3A, high-precision, high-stability current output, continuously adjustable, with an accuracy of up to 5½ digits, a minimum current resolution of 20 pA, and a four-quadrant precision current source. It is widely used in the fields of chip and sensor detection, electronic testing and design verification, instrument calibration and so on.

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  • Application of piezoelectric ceramic power amplifier to drive piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer


    The fast response characteristics of piezoelectric ceramic power amplifiers are not only reflected in the bandwidth and slew rate, but also closely related to the maximum output current, voltage, and capacitance characteristics of the load. The main technical indicators for selecting a power amplifier are: voltage, current, power, bandwidth, slew rate, impedance, load, etc.

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  • Application of ATA-2021H High Voltage Amplifier in the Research of Scanning Fiber Laser


    It consists of a function generator and a high-voltage amplifier ATA- Driven by 2021H. The FFP-TF and other devices in the dashed frame can be replaced by Cir-2 and replacement FBG to measure the static laser output performance of the laser.

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  • Talking about the Application of Power Amplifier in the Field of Ultrasonic Guided Wave Nondestructive Testing


    AigtekATA-2000 series power amplifiers ​have a maximum output voltage of 1600Vp-p (±800Vp), a maximum output current of 500mAp, and a bandwidth (-3dB) up to DC~1MHz. They are widely used in ultrasonic nondestructive testing, underwater communications

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  • Introduction to the working principle of high-precision reference voltage source


    The Aigtek brand ATS-2000V series of high-precision reference voltage sources are widely used in voltage references, high-precision standard signals, electronic testing and design, circuit performance verification, chip detection sensor detection, instrument calibration, and many other aspects.

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  • [Power amplifier application] Ultrasonic transducer static matching system


    The power amplifier in the excitation source of the ultrasonic cleaning machine generates an alternating electrical signal to drive the piezoelectric ceramic sheet in the piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer to vibrate, generate ultrasonic waves, and realize energy conversion.

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